Gradually cool day, my heart under Qiexi finally able to wear a pair of shoes to buy, and this is my pairs of shoes last week when a Chinese shopping, belonging to the 
-Love at first sight, Xietou sophisticated, high and low heels modest, simple style, the color of generous foreign flavor, so with Shi Erfen satisfied with the test 
To wear, although not feeling very comfortable, because like the first, or can not help buying down, Chuan Chuan will be used to the thought. 
Cheng Mei Zizi who I want to be wearing the new shoes to go to work, only a few steps away, on foot began to hurt, a little ground with his right foot, left foot a little pinch me, this by chance 
Things more days, walked up and down, the hearts of not suffering a lot as a really want to take off immediately to walk barefoot, was not to blame their appearance should not be taken 
Shoes, suffer only know their own. 
No one would like to have a pair they like, and also co-foot shoes, but sometimes hard attained. 
We have encountered such a situation - people coming and going in the street, your line of sight was the moment at the foot of shoes to attract other people, that is your favorite 
The type, style, impeccable color, you watch it to make traditional costumes and others, you are very regrettable, because it belongs to someone else, you can do is 
Look beyond the shoes; also, in the range of shopping, you are obsessed in a pair of shoes, but it is expensive, Fate of Li Qun, is more 
You do not have the appropriate occasion to wear it, is to buy back for holding an appreciation of its own, and to give up wearing in the foot, thought again and again, you have to bear the pain cut 
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