The type, style, impeccable color, you watch it to make traditional costumes and others, you are very regrettable, because it belongs to someone else, you can do is 
Look beyond the shoes; also, in the range of shopping, you are obsessed in a pair of shoes, but it is expensive, Fate of Li Qun, is more 
You do not have the appropriate occasion to wear it, is to buy back for holding an appreciation of its own, and to give up wearing in the foot, thought again and again, you have to bear the pain cut 
Love ... ... 
1200 called a good friend, a woman chatting topic - marriage and family, the simple language about the marriage of sorrow and helplessness, 
I do not know what, for marriage, who despite all this? Love is no right or wrong, only suitable. Friends of marriage is the envy of outsiders 
, Is like style generosity, work fine shoes, outsiders see only the surface of the bright and beautiful regard to wear uncomfortable with Shu, in a mayonnaise 
Only know their own taste, Foot only realized. 
Appears to be the perfect shoes, may not be comfortable to wear, you may be envious of someone else's shoes, there are always people want to claim that someone else is always a good thing 
, Want, but you have not thought about that once you have, you will not be at the foot of the Italian said that the pair? Is it that you take the more stable 
It is more practical? 
Love, such as shoes, or have co-foot two-shoes is the right choice so that your feet will stretch your only out of the wonderful life on the kurdblogger blogfreehere


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